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Armes de Plunkett, Barons Dunsany, Lords Louth, and Lords Killeen

Armes de Plunkett, Barons Dunsany, Lords Louth, and Lords Killeen
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Titre : Armes de Plunkett, Barons Dunsany, Lords Louth, and Lords Killeen
Plunkett (Pluincéid) Arms: Sable a bend Argent in the sinister chief a tower triple-towered of the last. Supporters: Dexter, a pegasus per fess Or and Argent; Sinister, an heraldic antelope Argent. Crest: A horse passant Argent. Motto: Festina lente (Hasten slowly) (Diligently, but not hurriedly). Acknowledgement: Coat of arms graphic copyright © Eddie Geoghegan see Coats of Arms from Ireland and around the world NAME MEANING: "Pale Skin" The Plunketts and Plunkets are the descendants of Danish or French stock, who arrived in Ireland with the Normans at the end of the 12th century. The name was first established in counties Meath and Louth. The Plunketts prospered and were accorded lands and titles including Baron Dunsany, Lord Louth, and Lord Killeen. The Plunketts have been a remarkable family, producing soldiers, diplomats, admirals, bishops, lawyers, scientists, authors, and a saint. Some noted Plunketts include: Saint Oliver Plunkett (1625-1681) was Archbishop of Armagh - martyred at Tyburn - canonised in Rome on 12th Oct 1975 Sir Horace Plunkett, Irish M.P. and organiser of the Dept. of Agriculture - father of the Co-operative movement in Ireland Joseph Mary Plunkett, poet and revolutionary Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Lord Dunsany - author Jim Plunkett, football player - 1970 Heisman Trophy winner Roy Plunkett, chemist and inventor - discoverer of Teflon Genealogy buffs - for more on the Plunketts, see: genforum.genealogy.com/plunkett/ Source: http://webpages.charter.net/gdp3/plunkett-index.html
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Edward Plunkett of Dunsany
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Mary Plunkett
115 novembre 2012 - 23:22:00