Généalogie de la famille de PRELLE de la NIEPPE

Patrick KeenanAge: 73 years17171790

Patrick Keenan
Given names
Birth about 1717
Birth of a son
Edward Keenan
about 1742 (Age 25 years)
Birth of a granddaughter
Eleanor “Ellen” G Keenan
about 1779 (Age 62 years)

Death 1790 (Age 73 years)
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Keenan Family Patrick Keenan, one of my wife’s seventh-great grandfathers, was born in Northern Ireland. By 1780, he moved from Tinkling Springs with his son Edward’s family to Greenbriar County, Virginia, near what was to become Keenan, Monroe County, West Virginia. Patrick is buried at Rehobeth Methodist Church in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Following is the family of Patrick Keenan: Patrick Keenan (~1717/1787-1790) m.Grizal (~1717/1742-1779) Edward (1742/8-11-1826) m. Nancy Donnally about 1778 Charles (?/807-1813) m. ? Edward Keenan, son of Patrick, was born in Northern Ireland. He was an early settler of Monroe County, Virginia. By 1780, he moved from Tinkling Springs to Greenbriar County, Virginia with his wife and oldest child, his wife’s mother, the widow Griselda Donally, his father, Patrick, probably then a widower, and his brother, Charles. He moved to near what became known as Keenan, Monroe County. As early as 1781, Edward was a constable and the administrator on the estate of James O’Bryan. For at least twenty years longer, his name occurs often in the record books of Greenbrier, showing him to be a man of force, practical judgement, and executive ability. He was primarily responsible for the building of Rehobeth Methodist Church in 1784-1786, which is considered the first protestant church west of the Allegheny Mountains and is a national historic site. He donated the plot for the church and helped build it. This affords an insight into his kindly nature and wide influence. Edward’s son, John, went to Kentucky and later to Walker County, Texas. Edward’s son, Patrick, went to Kanawha County, West Virginia. One of Patrick’s daughters, Margaret Keenan, married well-known millionaire, Charles Broadway Rouss. Edward’s son, Michael, may have died in Florida. Several of Edward’s children remained in Monroe County, West Virginia and are buried in Rehoboth cemetery. Edward and his wife are buried in the Rehobeth Methodist Church cemetery in present-day Kanawha County, West Virginia. Following is the family of Edward Keenan: Edward Keenan (1742/8-11-1826) m. Nancy Donnally (1755/10-9-1810) about 1775 Margaret (~1775/1823+) m. George Counts in 1799 Eleanor ("Ellen") G. (1779/8-24-1824) m. Andrew Beirne John (~1781/2-1850) m. Leanna McCormick Charles (1780+/1840-1842) m. Anna Alford about 1801-1804 Michael (1780+/?) m. Anne Kelly or Hamilton? about 1817 Patrick H. (1780+/?) m. ? McComas Mary ("Polly") (~1786/1837+) m. Undrel Budd in 1807 Robert (1791-1792/1860s) m. Olive Boone Van Bibber on 2-24-1824 Samuel B. (1797/9-5-1881) m. ? Marshall? (1797-1798/1870-1880) Nancy (12-29-1798/2-17-1874) m. James Kelly in 1816 Andrew? (1800/1860s) m. ? and Elizabeth ? Phoebus (?/?) died in infancy Robert Keenan, son of Edward, was born in Pennsylvania or Virginia. He was a farmer. His wife, whose middle name ("Boone") was given after her father’s friend, famous pioneer Daniel Boone, was born in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Robert came to Grant Township in Nicholas County, West Virginia in 1823. He bought 150 acres from Joel Hamrick on what became known as Keenan Branch. He married his wife there. Following is the family of Robert Keenan: Robert Keenan (1791-1792/1860s) m. Olive Boone Van Bibber (8-21-1805/1860+) on 2-24-1824 William Van (11-1-1824/8-13-1901) m. Electra Grose about 1848 Noah (1826/1870-1880) Addison (1828/1850-1860) David (1831/1920-1926) m. Margaret ? Andrew? (~1830/?) m. ? Marjory (1833/1850+) Moses (1835/1860-1870) Edward (1837/1910-1920) m. Jane ? about 1860 Thomas P. (1839/1887) m. ? Sarah J. (1841/1880+) m. ? John R. (1843/1900-1910) m. Lucinda ? Ann (1845/1860+) Robert L. (1848/1900-1910) m. Elizabeth ? about 1872 William Van Keenan, son of Robert, was born and died in Nicholas County, West Virginia. He was a farmer. He and his family lived in Grant Township. His wife was also born and died there. William is buried in the Keenan family cemetery in Nicholas County. Following is the family of William Keenan: William Van Keenan (11-1-1824/8-13-1901) m. Electra ("Lecta") Grose (1823/9-14-1887) on 9-21-1848 Ruhama ("Ruhamy") Ann (9-18-1849/4-11-1918) m. Charles Preast on 2-13-1866 Mary J. (1851/1870+) John Robert (1855/1880+) m. Lucinda Williams Lucinda J. (1858/1880+) America E. (3-1860/pre-1870) James (1861/1870+) Edward "Leagren" 1(862/1880+) m. Malissa Hypes Logan (1865/1870+) Octavia (1875/1880+) Martha A. (3-1880/1880+) Source: http://genforum.genealogy.com/keenan/messages/21.html