Généalogie de la famille de PRELLE de la NIEPPE et de diverses familles alliées directement ou indirectement


Naissance 1215
MariageRalf le CusynAfficher cette famille
1240 (Âge 25 ans)
Naissance d’un fils
Roger Cusyn
1241 (Âge 26 ans)
Naissance d’un petit-fils
Galfridus Cusyn
1290 (Âge 75 ans)

Famille avec Ralf le Cusyn - Afficher cette famille
Mariage : 1240Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
2 ans

Ralf surnamed Le Cusyn or Le Cosyn de Limisi is said to have been a younger son of Gerard, brother of John de Limisi, since he is found holding Choseley in the land party of England about this time, and since his arms, with merely a change of tincture, were the same as those of the de Limisis. From him were Roger and Richard Cosyn, from one of whom (probably the former) Galfridus Cusyn was descended. Sources: 1. The Genealogy of the Cushing Family (An account of the Ancestors and Descendants of Matthew Cushing, who came to America in 1638) by James Cushing, The Perrault Printing Co - Montreal, 1905. First Edition, 1877, by Lemuel Cushing, D1881 (Finished by his family)