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Nazareth PitcherAge: 94 years15861681

Nazareth Pitcher
Given names
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Henry Pitcher
Birth: January 2, 1560Hingham, Norfolk, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Death: June 22, 1618Hingham, Norfolk, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Sarah Bond
Birth: April 2, 1562Hingham, Caston, Norfolk, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Death: November 2, 1631Hingham, Caston, Norfolk, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Marriage: June 2, 1584Hingham, Caston, Norfolk, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
2 years
Nazareth Pitcher
Birth: October 30, 1586 26 24Hingham, Norfolk, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Death: January 6, 1681Hingham, Comté de Plymouth, Massachusetts, États-Unis
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Armoiries de CushingMatthew Cushing
Birth: February 25, 1588 25 24Hingham, Norfolk, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Death: September 30, 1660Hingham, Comté de Plymouth, Massachusetts, États-Unis
Nazareth Pitcher
Birth: October 30, 1586 26 24Hingham, Norfolk, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Death: January 6, 1681Hingham, Comté de Plymouth, Massachusetts, États-Unis
Marriage: August 5, 1613Hingham, Norfolk, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
14 years
Armoiries de CushingJohn Cushing
Birth: January 21, 1627 38 40Hingham, Norfolk, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Death: March 31, 1708Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, États-Unis

Nazareth was the daughter of the famous Admiral Henry Pitcher and Sarah Bond of England.
Matthew Cushing, born in 1588, the year of the Spanish Armada, son of Peter Cushing of Norfolk, whose grandfather had possessed large estates in Lombard street, London, married 5 August 1613 Nazareth Pitcher, daughter of Henry Pitcher, of the famous family of Admiral Pitcher of England. For the first fifty years of his life he lived in Hardingham and Hingham, Norfolk County, England, and had, as by register of old Hingham: Daniel, baptized 20 April 1619; Jeremiah, 1 January 1621; Matthew, 5 April 1623; Deborah, 17 February 1625; and John, whose baptism is, I believe, omitted and I have heard, that it was in a neighboring parish. With his wife and five children, and his wife\'s sister (Widow Francis Riecroft, who died a few weeks after their arrival), he embarked in the ship -Diligent- of Ipswich, 350 tons, John Martin, master, which sailed from Gravesend, 26 April 1638, with 133 passengers, among whom was Robert Peck, M.A., Rector of the parish of Hingham, England. The immediate occasion of their departure seems to have been trouble in ecclesiastical matters. Their rector, doubtless with the sympathy and aid of most of those constituting the emigrating party, had pulled down the rails of chancel and altar, and leveled the latter a foot below the church, as it remains to this day. Being prosecuted by Bishop Wren, he left the Kingdom, together with his friends - who sold their estates at half their real value. The party, having landed at Boston Massachusetts, 10 August 1638, immediately proceeded to their destination, Hingham Massachusetts, so named after the name of the former home of the Cushing family in England. At a town meeting held in 1638, a house lot of five acres, first below Pear Tree Hill, on Bachelor (Main) St., was given to Matthew Cushing, and it continued in the possession of the family until 1887. He was early engaged in the public affairs of the town, became a deacon in Reverend Hobart\'s church, and was the progenitor of many eminent descendants. It is now a pretty well established fact that, with the exception of a few families who have come to this country during the past century, all the persons bearing the surname of Cushing in the United States and Canada are his direct lineal descendants. His will, which was a verbal one, was written after his decease by his children, who, under date of 15 November 1660, pray that Daniel Cushing, Esq., their oldest brother, may be appointed administrator of their father\'s estate. In his will all the children except Deborah, who married May 1648, Matthew Briggs, are named as living; and the share to this son-in-law was large. His widow died 1681, aged 95. Passengers of the Diligent: Rev. Robert Peck, Mrs. Peck, Anne Peck, Joseph Peck, Joseph Peck, Mrs. ......Peck, Edward Gillman, Mrs. Mary Gilman, Edward Gilman, Moses Gilman, Lydia Gilman, Sarah Gilman, John Gilman, John Folsom, Mrs. Mary Folsom, John Folsom, Mrs. Christian Chamberlain, Henry Chamberlain, Mrs. .......Chamberlain, .... Chamberlain, ....Chamberlain, Stephen Gates, Mrs. Anne Gates, Elizabeth Gates, Mary Gates, George Knights, Mrs.......Knights, ....Knights, Thomas Cooper, Mrs. Cooper, ....Cooper, ....Cooper, Francis James, Mrs. Elizabeth James, Matthew Hawke, Mrs. Margaret Hawke, Matthew Cushing, Mrs. Nazareth Cushing, Daniel Cushing, Jeremiah Cushing, Matthew Cushing, John Cushing, Deborah Cushing, Tohn Tufts, Robert Skoulding, Elizabeth Sayer, Mary Sayer, John Fearing, Philip James, Mrs. Jane James, ....James, ....James, ....James, ....James, Stephen Paine, Mrs. Rose Paine, ....Paine, ....Paine, ....Paine, ....Paine, John Sutton, Mrs. Elizabeth Sutton, Hannah Sutton, John Sutton, Jr., Nathaniel Sutton, Elizabeth Sutton, Mrs. Joan Lincoln, Stephen Lincoln, Mrs. ....Lincoln, Stephen Lincoln, Jr., Samuel Packer, Mrs. Elizabeth Packer, ....Packer, Henry Smith, Mrs. Judith Smith, John Smith, Henry Smith, Daniel Smith, Judith Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Bozoun Allen, Mrs. Anne Allen, William Ripley, Mrs. ....Ripley, Mary Ripley, John Ripley, Abraham Ripley, Sarah Ripley, Thomas Sucklin, Richard Baxter, William Pitts, Edward Mitchell, James Buck, John Morfield, Thomas Lincoln, Jeremiah Moore, and about 20 servants. PLANTERS OF THE COMMONWEALTH by C.E. Banks, Boston, 1930 Upon the lot now occupied by Dr. Robbins at the foot of Pear-tree Hill, a few rods north of his residence, Matthew Cushing, who died in 1660 at seventy-one years of age, the progenitor, probably, of all the families of that name in the United States, had established the home which remained uninterruptedly in the family until 1887; and here still lived his wife, who died subsequently to the war, aged ninety-six, his son Daniel, then and until his death town clerk, and one of the wealthy men of the period, and Matthew a grandson, afterwards lieutenant and captain. Not far away Matthew Cushing senior\'s daughter Deborah lived with her husband, Matthias Briggs, while on the opposite side of the street, at what is now the Keeshan place, Daniel the younger, a weaver by trade, established a home and reared a large family. The Cushings were shopkeepers in addition to their other occupations, and probably the little end shop built onto the dwelling on either side of the street contained articles of sale and barter,--produce and pelts and West India goods and ammunition. We may suppose that these small centres of trade, together with the tannery in the immediate vicinity, gave quite a little air of business to the neighborhood,--forming indeed the primitive exchange of the period. Source: http://worldconnect.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=wrcushing&id=P513621417
Nazareth was the daughter of the famous Admiral Henry Pitcher and Sarah Bond of England.
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