Généalogie de la famille de PRELLE de la NIEPPE

Bartholomew Allerton

Bartholomew Allerton
Given names
Author and genealogist Leslie Mahler, writing in The Mayflower Quarterly of March 2009, notes that an Isaac Allerton, who appears to be the Mayflower passenger, is mentioned in the 1609 apprenticeship registers for the Blacksmiths Company in London. This record indicates Isaac to have been the son of Bartholomew Allerton, tailor of Ipswich, Suffolk.[1][2] [1] A Clue to the Parentage of Isaac Allerton, By Leslie Mahler, The Mayflower Quarterly, v. 75, no. 1, March 2009 p. 54 [2] Caleb H. Johnson, The Mayflower and her passengers (Indiana: Xlibris Corp., 2006), p. 59