Généalogie de la famille de PRELLE de la NIEPPE

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There was a Makhir who was a member of this family, and was brought to the city of Narbonne by Charlemagne as a reward for the support of the local jewish community. However, the marriage shown here is based on a flawed theory that this Makhir was father of St. William of Gellone, whose documented father Thierry married Aude, who does appear to have been Martel's daughter. The problem is that there is no evidence to support this identity between Thierry and Makhir, and several reasons to reject it. Sources: - famille 1: Généalogie Carné, Ahnen u Karl dem Grossen und Wilkukind - Eberhard Winkhaus 1950 Source: Eric de Hults de Geneanet.org.
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